'Want' And 'Must'

Having to decide
Between 'want' and 'must',
I chose the latter
Held on to it fast.
Self-imposed rules
Unexcused weakness
Pleasures overshadowed
By duty's bleakness
Beauty of the impulse
Spontaneous gestures
Being sacrificed
To the doubtful virtue
Of life well-planned.
Like clockwork.
But clocks do stop.

It took me so long
To learn to love

by Julia Klimenova

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Comments (7)

How very lucky and wise you are to have learned to love yourself so early in your life! It is a lesson that I struggled with for years, and the lack of self-love was a very painful factor in my life. I finally reached that point, but how I wish I had found it earlier as you did.
And you should like yourself because you have a poet's heart.
Dear Julia, You sound like an old and wise ghost looking back on a life where you used the self control of your own invented rules and regulations to keep moving through the dusky days. The simplicity of the closing carries more meaning than paragraphs. You dress yourself in English, and wear it like a second skin. -Ron
I Pray that your path is straight and full of little Positive feelings along the way Love Duncan
Great poem. And that means you have amazing talent. As a Russian, when did you learn English? Or is this based on a Russian poem of yours? Regards Tan
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