Want Jail

Want jail

Hurry come and catch me
-make sure to arrest me
-accuse, condemn me
-say: "He is a racist! "

Unlike you I do not pretend in the mass,
- "It is wrong we shall not use ‘N' word"

This comment is a lie and craze
-opposing explicit, implicit a crave
-your talks-thoughts vary, are different
-in brain, you are fox; the dirty animal

I use words as I feel:
-The Half-Man
-The Monkey
-The Savage
-The Slave
-The Negro
-The Nigger
-The Chollo
-Cholita, Squaw

They are yours
- (the reins, ropes
-that you used
-to abuse!)

Now you don't?
-don't believe you believe
-I see this stage in new scene

Simply different a-something
-a wash up, clean up
-just on tongue
-not in heart,
-neither mind,


"Break walls of the race
-and class."

I tell you
-you cannot

Let us go to Russia
-to watch you in mirror

Afghans' lives, in Bolshoi Theatre
- (flashbacks of Jihad; comedy, Proxy-War
-you paid to Bin Laden, to base in Pakistan.)
-the actors roam on the darkened stage,
-Witch is London and, Washington is a child
-both warning Soviets and Russia

Afghans are Refugees
-in hardship,
-safe from Taliban
-not: "Welcome" to the heart of the host

Now, look, into mirror, see yourself
-killing them with torture in Bagram
-and many more cells, world around; Cuba

Example is, Omar
-Young Khadr

Blind is in one eye; thank you for bomb
-you sent bombs and soldiers
-all of them on payroll for killing everyone
-feared he, as a child, scared and on the run
-could have, and maybe, did
-threw rock, or stone
-using home-made sling; even a grenade

And it is, all your game; you did it
-you kidnapped the Blacks to plough
-for cotton; some of them turned servants

Open eyes, Washington, the father of Nation
-poor Black consuming erection, his sperm! !

by Nassy Fesharaki

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