(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Want To (Cor)

Will humanity forever nurture its cultural diversity
and will the souls, or fragments of the larger soul
gestalts, who come here, continue to use this as
university to prepare for other forms of existence
while never ever losing consciousness, changing
its direction and way of perception only…

Will Orthodox Talmudic groups forever strive for
the world dominion of Righteousness – which is
forever blind to Love, Wisdom and Forgiveness,
not realising dominion’s impossible because we
value individual differences between nations and
creeds as interesting cultural diversity…

How many people realise that ALL differences are
artificial, created by man-made myths, legends and
thought up by seers, lovely as symbolism - but very
impractical as political tools; how many share relief
knowing that a One World Culture can never come
to be on earth, when one becomes dominant -

All opposing powers will fight for their freedom, thus
wars are guaranteed - we are forever free to create
our own reality & all individuals live on their specific
wavelength where joy lies in being tuned to a station
broadcasting only goodness - we can learn about
lives lived on other wavelengths –

Through news bulletins which we can switch off when
we want to because - FREEDOM is everything -

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