Poem Hunter
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)



Wanted the best for you and I
Wanted things to patch up
Wanted you
Wanted my heart to belong to you
Wanted everything to be fine again
Things are not the same since you walked out the door
Don't know why you did
Wanted you to be happy
Wanted you to see how much I loved you
Wanted to be with you through tough times no matter what
No matter what happened I wanted to be there for you
Wanted to see you laugh
Wanted the best for you and I
Where are you?
Why did you go?
I miss you so
Just tell me what happened then maybe I could fix it or try to
Wanted you to love me
Wanted everything to be okay between us
I loved you and still love you
Want you to come back
Cause I miss you

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