Wanted Too Badly

Some achieve acclaim and fame.
While others succeed in acquiring notoriety.
And yet there are some,
Sitting without wishes to want none of it!
And that is okay,
For them to choose a life lived that way!

There are sacrifices associated with accomplishment.
And success is not always connected to a dollar bill.
One can dress for success as expressed by some.
But I have yet to meet anyone...
Who believed they could excell,
And was without motivation.
Or had an absence of faith...
And still kept focused.

My grandfather fathered 21 children.
Made sure his wife, my grnadmother...
Did not have to work to support any of them.
He had a third grade education too!
And was clearly the greatest man I knew.

There has been something inspirational about that...
Which keeps me driven to live my life with a purpose!
And I did not get that lesson sitting in a classroom.
Or a penny did I waste getting taught.
I wanted too badly,
To prove to myself what I can,
And could do!
And welcomed mistakes...
To open up my own doors!

Even if some were locked...
I kept on knocking.
And I aint about to stop,
The effort.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Dear Lawrence your poem is inspiring Maria Rose