MA (June 22 1993 / Waycross Ga.)

Wanting It To Stop In Its Tracks

It is murder,
How could they bear the thought?
Why do they not spare their lives?
The sound of their first cry,
No they want them to die,
As they cry from above,
Their tires fall to earth,
We will never be able to hear,
How could they dare?
When they reach out and plead to their mother,
Will the world ever see?
Of someone who was never giving a chance,
Never getting to go to their first dance,
Some people look at it as if it was cruel,
I look at it as how could someone be so cruel,
It's like your mother hates you without giving you a chance,
When will these rights be dropped?
I wish all this will stop,
Make a choice for once,
Think about it your mother did.
(C) 2008

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