JG (22nd March 1989 / Bristol)

Wanting Makes You Finish Last

I see all the lovers,
Walking down the street holding hands,
Passing secret Chinese whispers,
And I wonder to myself,
When will I ever feel so secure with my fingers gliding through another’s?
A feeling I have always dreamed of,
But a dream what will never come it seems,
For I can charm the soul of any man,
But will he stay the next day?
Happiness wasn’t for the ones, who seek it through simplicity,
It’s the others that don’t even look,
Who seem to succeed,
When I do finally achieve my goal,
How long until his affections flutter away,
And he craves other beauties?
One’s who can promise him the world,
Not just there selves,
And sadly…
That is all I have to offer.

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The world is everyones oyster, hand in hand with the one you love Jess. You sound like well worth loving to me. A most enjoyable read indeed, Tai