Resisitng Siren Calls

We broke from the grey grasp of British skies,
To which I was constrained before you,
And plunder from the heavens as though lured by sirens.
To freely swim, hand in hand.
Distant waves that dance and beckon us
A few seconds later crash against rocks like helpless sailors
As we move purposefully against them
Silent, subdued, yet connected.
In a display of dramatic unison, we dive,
Submerging ourselves into the world
Of seclusion and privacy, deprived from the eyes of eager viewers
As if pulled by bewitching hands.
Yet not. By distance swam, we part
From such sailor's songs,
And siren's calls,
In a world that belongs to us alone.

by Arianwen Griffiths

Comments (2)

'Wanting more of life Than to live from dust to dust...' That's really brilliant. Definitely understand that feeling, that desperate NEED to do more than you are negated to do... And that struggle with what might come after, that is something I think everyone can relate to, whether they know it or not... 'Sometimes it is the prospect Later That makes the present bloom.' This is incredibly true, also. Sometimes, regardless of whether we are certain that this future exists for us, the very IDEA, the CONCEPT, that it is possible, that makes everything seem brighter. The day is only darkest When it seems tomorrow's to never come...
nicely written Agnes, a pleasure to read