...Wanting To Grow Up

Remember when nothing ever had a 'double meaning.'
Kissing was nasty && boys had cooties.
You were popular if you had a new toy, not if you were a jerk.
People liked you if you were nice, not 'cool.'
Wearing a skirt didn't make you nasty.
Your friends would always be on your side and nothing would get
between you.
If you were friends with a boy, it didn't mean you liked him.
The only thing you drank was grape juice.
Smoking was nasty.
The only thing that could get broken were toys and bones.
Mommy was your hero && goodbye meant only until tomorrow.
Now look at your life; it’s the total opposite of this.
Now here's the funny part;
The only thing I remember was
Wanting to grow up...

by Butterfly Lee

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Beautiful. I wish my life was that way again.