Wanting You

Poem By Elizabeth Haasch

So as I am sitting here screaming out in pain.
Walking on egg shells.
Walking on broken glass
wondering how to tell you
with words with a pure heart.
With love.
That I said it all for your best interest.
You scare me because I am so in love with you.
You scare me because I don’t want you to leave.
Now that you are gone
I feel like my breathe has been taken away from me.
My life I cannot live and this danger of feeling alone
is no longer ours to face as a team.
I have run and jumped I have screamed and yet also cried.
We have been through thick and thin and still you are the one
I want to come home to at night.
You are the one I want to tell my hope dreams and fears to.
I can’t loose my best friend and that is what you are.
You are not only my love.
The one and only.
You are the best.
Friend I never had
never had to love and also being able to look in the eyes
and cry feel your pain because you felt mine.
I have been through a lot although you may not believe me.
There are secrets I have kept from a past of mine
that may have bubbled to the surface.
Maybe I am a bit broken and untrustful
because I have been broken before.
I need you to understand me now as you did before
that I never meant to hurt you
and for all this to shine through
even though the truth must come out.
I want you to be okay in the end.
I want your happiness.
Sadly I want that happiness with me even though
I know I may not bring that to you.
I want to be your stability, your comfort, your everlasting faithful partner.
I want you.
You can’t control your feelings and when you know you found the one it’s to hard to let that go.
I know what I have found and that is perfection in you.
Some may not see it, but behind all that pain and suffering
I know what I saw in you and I know you can show through.
I want you to hold my hand like before telling me
I’m the only one for you.
I want you to trust me and love me.
I want you.

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