Utter Silence

I opens my eyes for the last time, and i quickly grab for the razor blade.
I force the sharp blade against my wrist.
I start slitting my veins, deeper and deeper into my flesh.
The dark blood pours out more and more onto the floor all over.
Feeling weaker and weaker, becoming more and more unconscious by the second,
the blade drops from my hand onto the cold floor, my final resting place.
My cold body now collapses to the floor and I slowly begin to feel the pain fade away along with my soul, finally falling into an endless sleep.
I lay there dead, yet free of pain.
It is now quiet, no screams, no tears, no suffering, just utter silence.

by Tashi Coote

Comments (10)

Nice but a bit melancholic. But we must admit that it is the truth of life sometimes. God bless you.
I get from this that every life has joy and sorrow but you should focus on the joy over sorrow... Good write
A good write Sheldon, you bring out the difficult situations very well in this well crafted piece on the profusion of life..Thanks for inviting me to read your work
awwww.... so good... love it
Lovely piece.It truly speaks about the truth of life. Keep writing.
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