A Tribute To Police Officer!

Each day is a new day for the Police
Looking around protecting and serving the public
With a smile and politeness
They guard us from deadly criminals

Whether the weather is cold or hot, wet or dry
Whether they fear or feel joy
Whether they are sad or mad
Whether they are sick or not
Whether day or night

No matter what their personal lives holds
They took an oath to serve and protect you and me
To maintain peace, order and crime prevention
They have unlimited duties such as VIP security, Border guarding
Tackling smugglers drug traffickers and counter terrorism
And they thrive with such perfectionism

When the whole world is in deep sleep
They walk in streets looking out for any potential crime and criminals
To protect us from thieves and dangerous criminals.
They are injured, stressed, trying to do the right thing
Where we would dare not to be there in their place.

Out of honour, duty, justice and respect
They strive to save the lives they haven't met
To protect this world from the coldness and dark
They sacrifices their family and their loved ones
In order to protect us and our families at the cost of their own lives

The badge they wear is heavy that carries all the burdens
With many responsibilities overburdened
To promise to help those in need
And comforting them indeed
For they would stand guard, to serve and protect.
They never know what the day will bring
For that day could be their last day in their lives

They hardly hear the praise they deserve
They hardly are appreciated for their hard work.
They hardly hear the words of Thanks
They are the ones who do incredible sacrifice
Making the world better by their sacrifice
Every day in everyway
They are the real heroes who risk their lives every day
For they have a dangerous job
Bringing different challenges throughout every day

They are constantly being faced with the unknown and the unpredictable situations
With frustrations and complications, when the things are complex.
With pride integrity they protect our world
And making a better place to live in.
Their commitment is beyond priceless
Always willing to give their life to protect others
May God bless them and keep them safe
Be proud to be the Police officer!

by Shaila Touchton

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