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Life at war
Most despicable
Utterly hated

Disease floating
Throughout trenches
Vomit, faeces
Deadly stenches

Rifles attack
Endless killing
Another dead
The next willing

Blood spilt
Enemies made
Bullets released
Death parade

Forced down
Blurred visions
Slowly melting
Mixed decisions

Devouring heat
Trying to recover
Keep concentration

Dizzy heads
Lost the plot
No one cares
Left to rot

Innocent caught
Crossfire blamed
What to do
But be ashamed

Death toll
At its pinnacle
Survivors left
Very minimal

Now finally over
After years on end
So much damage
Impossible to mend

Graveyards full
Headstones galore
Poppies swaying
Hearts are sore

In remembrance
We still pray
Especially on,
A.N.Z.A.C day.

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