War is what we posses
A inner crave for blood and gore
We fight for freedom and our lives
Our freedom and our rights
Day and night
Lasting more than 5 years or a few seconds
War brings the best and worst out within us
Sometimes building upon us
Or ripping us down by the seem
Building our team work
Building individuals
Showing true colors
That aren’t always aren’t red white and blue
Maybe a solid color of black
Or white
Or maybe gray
In the middle
But whatever the color is we were it proud
Because we’re all fighting for the colors
Red, white and blue
The colors of a true American hero
Red to show the blood we shed
Blue to show our vast oceans
Or white the color of freedom
Because the lives you save in war
Are all that matter
Your family at home
Our future generations
War is what brings out the best in us.

by matt oneil

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