I've seen the morning calm before the evening storm
And seen the terror in young men's eyes on the battle field
Mere boys turned to men through the horrors of war
Where their last pleasant memories were their senior prom
Fighting a war in a far off distant foreign land
Defending a cause that no one really understands
Smell of smoke and blood permeating the hot humid air
I've held men in my arms as they gave their life's last grasp
The sorrow I felt just did not compare
To the sorrow of loved ones they left behind
So many tears that a river of tears began to form
I cried out to God asking the question why
But our purpose was to do or die
Not to ask the question why
So I looked death straight into its ugly eye
And fought valiantly for whatever the cause
Through it all I somehow survived this carnage of war
But when I die I know I'll go to the heavens above
For I've served my time in this earthly hell called war

by John Hybridge

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