I was sad like a plant without water
It was dark;
Darkness was creeping over my complexion of anxiety
My anxiety was getting heavier like adding weight
I cried
Azure tears escaped my solemn face of despair
I thought I wouldn't break this promise
I thought I wouldn't do this again
I grabbed some scissors
And ripped my flesh
Anguish was my last resort
For I was relinquish within the world of lies
I had broken my promise like breaking a child's dream
Blood quickly gasped and spread its breath through out the land
I wasn't pure
I was a sea of mistakes
I was dirty like a dead animal
Silence seemed eternal
I cried yet again
Thinking 'Why does life seem too cruel? ! '
I was a fool
Who fell in the curse called 'love'
The curse that was now dragging me into oblivion
Love is like a flea
It drinks part of my soul like drinking red wine
I thought pain had ended like a sunset running away
Love's friend that's called pain penetrates punishes the weak posions with toxic and perices through sanity
I was now in quiet war against Love
Love is my disease
It was eating me alive
Now I'm fighting back...

by Ivan Savinon

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