Poem By Samarah Essler

What would happen if everyone went to war?
Lots of people would die and wish they never went,
I cry when I think of how they died,
just imagine if I saw it all,
all I know is that it would`nt be pretty at all,
you pick a poppy for me I pick a poppy for you,
now all the sorrow and hurtness will all fade away,
from the beautiful red poppy that lays over are hearts,
guns shooting,
bombs going off,
people dying,
what should we do?
what could we do?
help god help,
I`ll pray all night and all day,
for all this sorrow and hurtness,
to all go away.

Comments about War

Your poem depicts pain throughout, this is what war does, creaties pain and causes the heart to swell. I advocate peace among all mankind, therefore creating harmony among all peoplf of the world. Your poem is powerful and speaks of great concern, you are a deep thinker and have found a way to voice your opinions through the art of poetry. Keep writing Samarah, I will certainly continue to read your poetic verse. Melvina

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