War Against Odds

Tell the world how I stumble everyday
But you can't say it to me
If you have little problems
Throw words straight in to me

My problems are not yours
But it's your disease
Your head twirls and swirls
My issues infested your head

It's not good to see to use gun
When someone closes his eyes
Pulls the trigger with no conscience
A gun shot can kill a pure heart

I build my world for years
Slowly destroys piece by piece
My life, your controversy
It's a big deal of everybody

I try to be as good as loyal companion
But loopholes are your favorite
I'm a flower fading in time
My reputation becomes darker as it seems

You want to talk something
Something funny when my ghost is around
When I found myself sitting next to you
Your tongue is as quiet as ghost town

This is why I trust nobody but myself
Hate discussing artificial resolutions
Our brilliant minds don't resolve issues
We make saga within ourselves

We make fight but no love
We make coercion but there's no heart
What is the point of saying sorry
If you keep on saying bad things against me

Call me names whatever you like
But that puts more fuel on fire
I hate to say that this is neverending
If this is what they called war against odds

by Lei Strauss

Comments (2)

Such a well-expressed emotion emanated from your pen, Lei.... a highest 10+++
True life is a struggle towards odds and you need to even it. Good