War And Belief

Once we lived in a country,
filled with bustling landscapes and crowding touristry.

Out of the blue, hell broke loose,
Violence and Cruelty set on its cruise.

The halcyon days of life,
Is now conquered with strife.

What has our experience been like home,
Is now a war-torn zone.

Melancholy of air surrounded,
Geysers of blood erupted.

Skies showered the bullets,
Rival snipers fired the pellets.

Under the menace of brutality,
The regime of peace is cut out of barbarity.

Flood of distress poured out of our eyes,
Fear melted our hopes like ice.

Under such fell clutch of circumstances,
It's true, we were out of second chances.

With faith in the promise of tomorrow,
We tend to forget the sorrow.

We are still alive and living,
Sun will shine and dark clouds will be leaving.

Every night we dream about the peace,
And one day the war will cease.

We will rebuild our life with perspiration,
We march forward with inspiration.

by kamesh Sai

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