VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

War Causes Chaos

I see onely

I see onely

I see onely
Pain all around me

I Inflict onely pain to oathers
Witch I would like to stop

Tears foll from my eyes
I prey to God for mursy
Then I know that I fall on knees in front of Devil
And beg for power witch will cost to me by deaths of oathers

I cry from pain witch I inflickt to oathers
But I have to stand still
Becose I have to lead army of dead to victory
Then its 1 billion of them
And onely 1 thousend troop of us

We`ve been in hell
And we dont fear death

I`ll lead them to Chaos
Were rains by blood
Were statues bleed
Were church burns
Were humans drink blood
Were darkness is like gift from the GOD

Were my family died
And now I djust laught
From theyr death

There is noathing to hide or proove
You know that you want to

But you fear to say it

Or afraid of facing the truth

You want to drink blood
You want to start a war

And you know that noathing is going to stop you

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