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War Disabled Revised

Dodging and ducking, through those long-faced trenches,
Dust flamed into my eyes, triggering me blind.
Distracted by the ecstasy of my own mind,
And pitiable vision, I stumbled and roamed astray,
I was making a meal of plan ‘48AK’.

Immersed in the harmonious echo of shells and grenades,
I felt a pleasant sting, as I left the rugged-brown country terrain,
And I dreamingly drifted down into memory lane…
A dazzling light emerged, beckoning for me,
I declined this delightful gift of life, being only twenty-three.

A cold shiver gunned down through my spine,
Startled, I jolted awake, to the rise-and-shine,
And sat up in some makeshift bed…
Bemused, I frantically glanced around the dim-lit room,
I pondered then realised, I was back in my reality, my doom.

The familiar echo of barraging bullets confirmed my dread,
As, I tried to get out of distasteful bed,
But instead I was met by the earth, as I took a tumble…
Like some naïve and ill-fated egg,
For in that instant I noticed that I only had one leg.

Disheartened and stationed on the bedrock,
A surge of anguish and anger and shock
Besieged me as I began feeling sorry for myself,
I contemplated what my grim future had in store,
Then I called out to someone by the door.

Told my services being no longer required,
My stomach churned whilst deliberating my plight,
O’ My heart wished it was some bad night,
O’ My common-sense told me it wasn’t so,
O’ My future was forevermore at my address.

by Sunil Gupta

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