War Memoirs

Over at the river's bank
stands my buddy, Mellow Frank,
thinking of the German Tank
that he observed right where it sank
they saved the captain, what a crank
he chewed tobacco and he stank
with two policemen at his flank
the one a colonel, just by rank
his stare was serious, almost blank
the younger cop, looked like he shrank
from the 3 stars of higher rank
his name tag showed him to be Hank
the captain of the ship said 'WanK'
he'd set his sail at Bitterlenk.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Much ado to good time and good rhyme: -)
Herbert have you been drinking with jack, or have you entered the rimming competition, have you you been lighting double bungers lately in yorkshire puddings, have you read black jack the pirate, soME one has given him a (1) DOES THAT MEAN IT IS 9 SHORT OF A GOOD POEM OR THE (1) BEAST IS BACK WARM REGARDS ALLAN