War Of The Words

Poem By William Richards

Come Battalions of B's and Divisions of D's,
Infantries of I's join with Companies of C's,
form ranks of words more numerate than these,
let us march on the politicians bringing truth to its knees

Bring your guns to bear on the liars, the truth-benders,
the "Read all about it! " party political vendors,
selling their people their assurances and splendours,
their broken promises. propaganda, and hidden agendas

Take no prisoners, accept no white flag surrenders,
free only the truthful, kill the pretenders.
Blanket bomb the Whitehall offices of the worst offenders,
and while you're there, drop one on the bloody money-lenders.

Then gather your troops for one final confrontation,
a battle of truth that will engage the nation,
that racism does not equal controlled immigration,
and that Britain can once again know what it is to be free,
with only a little hope and imagination, to win democracy.

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