Dark, brown, hazel
Thy hairs, I'm keen to sense
For my eyes narrate, ardur's resemblance, a peach
But my soul, finds her to be aquamarine.
I'd dive in thee, shalt you be the sea.
waves reflecting the sun overhead,
You twinkle, a smile, a childish giggle
I'd be the moon, bringing the joyous tide

Your fondness, a nectar
Embellishing my soul
I haven't known thee much, but such mirth?
I see your soul, distant, till i reach close
Thy flame, as it always has been, aquamarine
Thy eyes looking at mine, mine at thee
I won't blink, I swear, be epochs or eternity
Let mine be near thy soul,
iridescent, aurora at the poles

I've known thee, briefly in the past
Now been aqquainted with thy pictures
My heart howls wide open,
To thy love, transcending to lunacy
But this longing, it makes me happy
I dance in my dreams, aloof, alive
When thy pictures come to life

my layered words, encasing my endearment
they plead, see, it unfolds,
Blossoms, as you shine on me.
And if sky be grey, the other day
My love for thee, shalt revive the floret
Shall it blossom before the season? or wait for thee?
Blue be the petals, leaflets be green,
my love, my aquamarine

by Sunil Shandilya

Comments (5)

Dear Mr. Chunghoo i am doing a english project about soldiers poems, stories and journal entries and i saw your poem and how powerful it is. It really caught my attention. And i just wanted to let you know i appreciate everything you've done for me and this country.
war of the worlds is a beautiful poem and it could be used for teaching to the new generation students which have social relevance and it has nicely said by the poet.
To Mr. Chunghoo, I am introducing your poem War of the Worlds to my 8th grade English class. Students often ask if the poet really means the larger meanings we get from poetry. Would you give me a message for my class. I am presenting it this Friday Feb.22. I would appreciate anyone else's comment about the poem as well. Thank you, Joie Samuelson
I like it. I do think there´s peace in the observation of things and even in the sorriness of the statement of fact. Just how far apart are our worlds?
Theirs no peace in this piece… Although it is so true, Theirs really not much we can do… I’ll just agree with you… => Ali