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War Signals
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War Signals

Poem By Deborah Loraine Kean

They want another war
(As if there aren't enough already)
'Ships capable of mining harbours
Are heading for the Persian Gulf, to be there
by October l'

We all know
What's coming
Coming slow
But coming, running

To kill and kill
and kill some more
The devil dances for joy
For good or ill

They call it good
We know they think
it's what they need
It's what they would

But we would not.

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Comments (6)

You signal this on the page perfectly... thank for the share.
As you can see from my poem 'Peniel' I'm now an absolute pacifist. But the war wasn't started (at the approval of the American and British populations) because of greed. We truly wanted to help the Iraqi's - Maybe we were a bit too proud wanting to be the defenders of the world, but although some may have had ulterior motives - most did not. I'd like to see an Iraqi poll on whether the alliance troops should stay.
War is tragic and sad, I wish it wasn't done for money greed, but it is! !
it made me think that for most of the people, peacefulness is a matter of situation, not a question of insights, i know this looks very simple to say... Anyway a nice writing sincerely
war means only destruction.war signals are frightening.nice poem