War, When Will It Stop?

I saw the dead where they had fallen,
And I cried out, "Why did they die?"
They were so young and full of life;
I could not help but utter a cry. Is there no way to find peace on earth?
Are we so selfish, so cruel to others
That we must fight like animals?
Why can't we act like brothers? Please help us, dear Lord, to live
As you have hoped and planned;
That we should share and give
That people will be glad in every land. Help us to study your book and it's laws;
To learn about your grace and love;
To always do what you want and say
That we can live in a land of peace. But it is not just enough for us
To study the Bible and it's laws;
We must teach others the way of peace
To know the Savior who forgives and loves.

by Ava Benn

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i am anti-war and i ask some of those same questions. war is only hate and makes me so sad. good poem.