War - Ww1 - Ernest Albert Corey, Military Medal And 3 Bars

Ernest Albert Corey came from New South Wales
A volunteer for the 1st AIF in the Great War as an eligible male
Walking from Goulburn in 'The Men From Snowy River' they marched
In January 1916 and he saw the rest of the War to a 1919 and was discharged

His first Military Medal was earned on the 15th May 1917 at Queant
Where the Germans attacked and as a stretcher bearer he went
For 17 hours helping back wounded men whilst under enemy fire
When he was untrained and his commendation praised him as it transpired

A few months later on 26th of September 1917 at Polygon Wood
He was out again under fire bringing in wounded for all he could
There was artillery fire and machine guns sweeping the battlefield
Earning a bar to his Military Medal in a display of bravery rarely viewed

On the 1st and 2nd September 1918 at Peronne in the battlefield mire
He arduously found wounded from all units whilst under heavy fire
A second bar to his Military Medal won in the Advance to Victory
As the battles raged and the Australians continued to build their history

On the 30th September 1918 as an NCO in charge of finding wounded to care
The Australians furiously attacked the Hindenburg Line and he was there
Directing others and going out to find the injured until he was severely wounded
Winning the third bar to his Military Medal as he was discharged from his duty ended

And so Ernest Albert Corby has now passed on with his mates
As a Great War legend as one of the 1st AIF history's greats
He is one who stands out from these men who didn't take a step back
Winning four bravery awards in the Great War is an undeniable fact.

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

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