War Zone

Tree was fully grown
with a horizontal branch
in the middle.
He excitedly climbed over..
and mother's moan shuddered
the whole tree.
Amir felt morning chill.
Two furlongs away his
two feet tree waiting for him.
With stolen water in a
polythene bag he furtively
rushed there in the dark
on left foot and a crutch.
Some days only, then
it will be like his home tree
with a horizontal branch
in the middle.
Nothing is there now...home tree!
Beyond the meaningless border
commender once again checked
all ten missile-posts.
Soon the school building-camp
visible in morning light and
mother rushed for bread queue.
Commander looked back to
those far-away hill of his
childhood and closed eyes.
Usual morning cacophony mixed
with guard's shrilly
whistles, no blast sounds for
last some days, Amir realised
waiting for mother and bread.
Sleepily..he reclined
on the horizontal branch
and closed his eyes.

by prabhakar bhatlekar

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