JW (01/12/1993 / )


A small flame,
just warm enough to keep me a alive.

You find me shivering,
and show me how to make a bigger flame.

I am so warm so i give you a smile
and u smile back.

The flame gets bigger and bigger.
I just want it to stay this big forever.

I turn to talk to you,
but you are gone.

I run from the warmth to look for you.
I look but never find.

I come back to see the flame.
Its out of control.

It surrounds me,
burning my skin.

I know i need to put it out.
but i don't want to be cold again.

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Comments (2)

I absolutely adored this write. At the begining of it, I was in love, right there, with you... Feeling what you felt. The softness and warmth of it all... And at the end... I felt your hurt and pain. And I understood why you wouldn't want to stop it, even if it meant, ending your hurt. Amazingly done.
Nice write...symbolism and circumstance open ended enough to allow a broad range of people to embrace this piece as speaking specifically to an experience they have had or are presently having.