DG (9/19/1963 / )

Does God Write Obituaries

My eyes opened
Fell on the clock
At the precise moment
People were probably
In the REM stage
The day was foggy
Trees wept softly
Caterpillars crawled up my blood stream
My limbs felt the effects of rigor mortis
My mind’s zoetrope spun
Images raced in a blur
Mice foraged rubbish dumps
The blood curdling cries of cats
Pierced an eerie silence
People less shadows
Loitered around
Where was I
Oh yes!
He would have had a shower by now
And clothed himself in fresh white garments
His eloquence -
The absence of last words
His consciousness -
The feeding frenzy of piranhas
A black hole yawned
And God blinked on him
Time recoiled like a snapped spring
And then
The universe went silent
But somewhere in the cosmos
I distinctly heard a blip

My response to an execution by hanging which took place not so long ago.

by leonard daranjo

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