(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Warm, Liquid Love

Archetypes stay the same, only details
vary according to the personalities of
those expressing these types within
guiding universal themes

My dream is to become an inspiration
to a person in need; maybe this ideal
will never be fulfilled and that’s why it
keeps a magical hold over me

Making the sun appear as a golden orb
of warm, liquid love in the sky caressing
all with soft velvet beams; it is an eternal
promise, a life-inspiring hope

One day someone in need of the unique
help I can give might profit from my words
or presence on planet earth; every chance
to help is an opportunity to practice and

Confers a wonderful feeling, keeping the ideal
alive – today Mary Poppins herself stormed out
of the office, singing a Spoon Full Of Sugar after
learning nobody in the lift knows

This magical tale of inspiration, I’m determined
to teach colleagues brimming with African joie
de vivre about the element of fun in every job
to be done!

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