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Warm Sunshine
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Warm Sunshine

When being nice to myself,
I stick around.
When hurting and feeling,
I sometimes retreat.
There is a silent place where I can go.

Like when the rain falls,
Tears like sunshine become a stream,
Leaves will float and be driven on.
And fishes will swim.

The reflections cannot be seen,
The clouds bring a hue of grey.
My need for clarity consumes me,
And I rest in this place with grace.

There’s seed I sow,
Of peace and thanks.
Where on some sunny day a flower will bloom.
In euphoric praise,
I once again will fall to my knees,
And just be.

Silent tears,
A kindness,
The joy I am, for those who wish to see or hear.

(Monday,24 September 2007 Bolton, UK)

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