JR (22 September / London)

Warm Universe Apart

Dwells not in magic spell a part to warmly welcome counterpart?
No story’s glory may there be without complementarity.
Two glow together – empathy eliminates disparity.
Swells not to tenderness one part but part reciprocates, rampart
dissolves while near and far apart, are spanned as hands to hands impart
contentment, scent sincerity. Man, maid, may braid eternity
seed need, need seed, as two, in key, days’, nights’, delights, in verity
know neither end nor vulgar start, as if from pre-ordained depart
all flows together, heart to heart, artless ardour’s stars’ compart.
No discord and no cord we see disturb, perturb, love’s symphony
whose magic music minstrelsy mocks locks, blocks, shocks, cacophony,
as Venus, Mars, through Cupid’s dart, invent warm universe apart.

Shows not the softest candlelight whence springs the source of second-sight?
Bells chime not to old echo quite, new notes lend throat to rhyme delight...

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