Warming Brew!

Running in circles screaming and laughing, touching and reeling, escaping!
A burst of excitement, adrenalin courses through our veins heightening
Our excitement!
Our breath rises in vapour like a steam engine of old or a boiling kettle ready for a warming brew.
Life is a playground full of wonder, ready to be explored, friends loyal and true
Like musketeers on a quest!
These where such halcyon days, care free, untroubled from life’s pressures and demands.
worry was not an option!
Our youth, passionate, fresh, our minds racing and new, the world was seen so clearly!
If only we could see life through a Childs eyes in older age?
No colour, no race, no creed, no sex, no discrimination just oneness!
Perhaps this world would be a much better place?

by shea stagg

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