Poem By Kristopher Gathright

With time pasting quickly throw my hands.
I try to survive life as a young black man.
I wanna believe in god but he don't seem to believe in me.
I know the world is filled with dreamers.
I'm reality, I see only blood.
Bad news is around every fucking corner.
Life equals fight and love equals pain.
There is no reason to remember peoples names.
You take away the people that we all love and know.
And all you have left is cons and hoes.
No one to believe in, trust or get to know.
Thats the world I see, no free-bes or charity.
Just givers and taking ignoring the crys for help.
I'm not dodging death, cause he know me by my first name.
We talk on a daily basis bout the bullshit and lies.
The way I'ma die is already written in the sky.
I'm always angry and I really don't wanna wait.
This is a warning about judgement day.

Comments about Warning

this is a very opinoned poem which is good way to express ur opinons and the world defiantely isnt perfect but its a good poem alot of realism

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