Stop, don't play in the devils yard
It's not like a game behind the barn
You give him an inch and he'll take a yard
Yards turn to miles and he'll only smile.
It not a game with him, he plays for keeps,
He won't care how much you sob and weep
While you turn like him wicked and wild
He will still have that silly smile
He will have you say things you'll regret
Lots of things you'll do you'd like to forget
The devil doesn't make a good playmate or pet
If you play with him, you'll wind up in the pit
He only came to steal, deceive and kill
Use your heart and you'll know you've had your fill
Of his deceitful tactics and lies
So, come on and tell him by-byes!
The wages of sin is death
But cheer up he doesn't have you yet
Jesus a friend is waiting with open arms
And He'll answer as soon as you ring the alarm.

by Tressie Ours

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