Tears that sing their strains of sorrow flow freely from my anguishing eyes
and fall to the breast which is wounded near lifeless.
Yet life remains to empower my turmoil and give my agony breath.
I turn my face to the sky in search of release but no answer comes.
The confusion burns its black twisting messages in my mind.
The searing resonance of my ceaseless thoughts in circular flight
thunders in my ears.
No progress. No motion.
Lashing writhing emotions battle to destroy each other
together in conflict defeating me.
Peace must soothe my wretched spirit.
Dark dissonance must give way to harmony
else I continue to die without dying.
Vanquish or release me you devilish mentors!
You guide me not to truth but to evil insatiable doubt which consumes me.
No more! Be gone!
I will wait and watch for the answer yet unseen.
The ugliness of this madness will cast its shadow no longer upon me.
There is One Who is true.
I will turn my weary eyes there.

by Marjorie Hart

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