Warrior Man

Her maiden love deep inside
far into nature took a ride
adventure love shook her soul
away from there she should go
softly grass in wet she felt
under pleasure scottish kelt
Warrior man touch me low
come into me i feel it so
i can only dream all your love
are you not real spirit dove
your just a ghost in a dream
can never hold it would seem
trickle sound her eyes awake
a waterfall near the lake
there he stood did he wave
or is it him near the cave
dream came true could it be
erotic tease or true to me
mind mirage just has to be
mirror trick upon the sea
to feel is real so i try
he turns to me sexy eyes
swallow hard reaching out
flesh i have without a doubt
carry me with gentle strength
dream with me a longer length
where to love shall we find
a cave you say i won't mind
cool inside peaceful sound
he lowers me upon the ground
body and smile and passion touch
was what i wanted so very much
he shows me now dreams come true
his every act is something new
so far away from daily stress
i learned to live my very best
he's still roaming nature trails
and i came home back to hell
yet when i need a lover's hand
i dream again of warrior man.

by robert ross

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