Misery Of The Mind

I shape my goals
To know vanity
The skies have citizen of of light
And companion full of sparks
But there's a palace of walking dust
That sleep when due
Why toil this much
When all is lost
And run into hiding so soon
Guarantee liberty
To fly and return to dust
We both share our sleep in dust
Though of plenty class
And mansions not far looking skies
But all this cost nothing but dust
All the peace you have got pieces
To the moon
To the shadow and sea
What worth art you
Who say you're calm
When your sleep come begging
Time to return was fast
Faster than when you came
The distance the care
It harsh
Why do we ask the sailors plight
Seeing he chase the east wind
Where came nothing
And soon swallow by the fog
Which he aforementioned dew
Why ask the sailors home
When you both face the wave
And pretend to fall asleep in the storm
Why beg for calm
The fun of it
Why chase shadows
When you have one beside
Would you treat shadow as money
To save for castle by honey dew
And feel like you never sleep
Why sleep when dizzy
By stress takes you easy
Why glory in today's feast
That feast you to dust
And care not of early mines
Sorry i never meant hurt
Yet you are hurt
Cry for you
Because shall call when the dark fall
To reply to the force
That bring the road to an end
The glory we own and save with so much care
Doth carry us to dust
Where all is lost
Temple of man is but icy dust
The care of tomorrow
Care of sorrow
Why feel sorry
When all pass without concern
Why ask why and complain for care
Your days are numbered
Reduce when your wrong increase
Why suffer wrong
Much is required of you that has nothing
The skies required of you
The earth is hungry of you
Is hungry the earth swallows
Be warn the earth does
Be mindful of the place you stand
For there another lie

by George Egba

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wow....that is really long.but its worth the read