Warrnambool's Greatest Sculptor

Ross Altmann is Warrnambool's greatest sculptor his sculpting are on display far and wide
He is not a fellow into self promotion though in his work he is one who takes pride
His stone sculpting to say the least amazing and any of his sculpting not exactly the same
A man devoted to his natural talents he has worked hard for to make for himself a name
Not a member of any group of artists though as a sculptor he is widely known
The best at what he does in Warrnambool and the Moyne Shire one can say of him in a class of his own
He is never seen at any artists parties and his own praises he never does sing
Big Ross he is a humble quiet achiever and true to himself one who does his own thing
A muscular tall and broad shouldered fellow in his fifties one few has ever seen in a suit and tie
Honest and honorable in his ways and always truthful he would not know how for to tell a lie
He does not need to boast his marvelous stone sculpting says more of him than words could ever say
He is not one for to rest on his laurels he works hard at his creations every day
Ross Altmann is Warrnambool's greatest sculptor yet he is one who is free of conceit
He does not need to boast his work speaks for him and a more humble man one could not wish to meet.

by Francis Duggan

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