Warrnambool's John

I do see John often though not every day
The old Polish fellow his hair silver gray
Sixty years in Australia in time quite a span
One can say of him he's a well travelled man.

Rendered Homeless and Stateless by the Soviets sixty years ago
Of sorrow and hardship in his life he can claim to know
In sixty years he has not been back to Poland his Homeland far away
In the City of Warrnambool he will live his last day.

One might say of him he is Warrnambool's own
For in the sea side City he is quite well known
And as well as well known quite well liked I must add
For one like him there's no need for to feel sad

He has known some tough times but 'twould seem fair to say
That he's not embittered by life in any sort of a way
Honest and down to earth and intelligent and wise
That he has many friends does come as no surprise.

by Francis Duggan

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