Wars And Afterwards

Wars and afterwards

Many wars are long gone
Are ignored, we forgot.

No one asks: “What went on? ”
Acropolis, Persepolis
To us are examples
As ashes in Sistan
And much more
Like Eyvan
In poem

Every war has outcome
Many killed and blood
Of the rape and the child
And of men and the young
With houses turned rubble
In Dublin and London
Aleppo, Abadan

They are same, all are one.

When white said: “Discovered”
That was a confession: “I don’t know”.
Then locals, old nationals were murdered
Houses burned, cultures were destroyed
Even tongues, as if farts.

What a shame.

Bubbles form at bottom
Then climb, bursts steam
Engine runs
Examples Second War
And later, Vietnam and sparks
First blacks, then women
Now the poor, Indians
What a mess we are in
Greed of narcissists made the wars
Wars made what…we are in...

by Nassy Fesharaki

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