Wars And Rumours Of More Wars

For love of their Nation born of patriotic pride
Far too many young people in wars have died
Or have been crippled for life or injured in a bad way
Even for victory in conflict the price huge to pay
Yet those who instigate war and from victory stand to gain
Never take part in the battle never know of the mental or physical pain
That the sight of death and carnage to the body and mind of the soldier does bring
Though of war and war heroes the patriotic may sing
Due to religion and borders and the racial and cultural divide
Wars and rumours of more wars abound Worldwide
And with many Nation leaders with nuclear weapons in their command we live in the fear
That the threat of Worldwide death and destruction to us is ever near
With wars and rumors of more wars it does seem sad to say
That the flower of peace cannot bloom in the World of today.

by Francis Duggan

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