Empty In The Belly

Poem By Luo Zhihai

We all lose when we fight
We become our own enemies
For nothing, we waste our energies
Our youth and our vital resources
For nonsense, we destroy the right
To live, to love, and to enjoy life
It's an error, a mistake, a major gaffe
To want to destroy our fellow human beings
It's serene and divine when the rooster sings
When the remaining feline family follows suit
It is wonderful when one of us wears a nice suit
Instead of wearing the fatigues and carrying heavy guns
Like ants who are shopping for the coming winter season
My brothers and sisters of the world, common sense and reason
Will always prevail. We kill ourselves, every time we fight
Let's carry the torch of peace. In the dark, let's shine the light.

Let's stop acting like sick sore losers
Let's stop this negative trend at once
Let's behave like true and real winners
By loving each other. Let's not lose an ounce
Of our precious blood over stupid wars
We are civilized. We are all humans with powers
Our blood is red, not black, and not white
We all lose when we fight.

Copyright © April 2018, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.

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