MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Wars, Wars, Wars

There’s so much hatred round the place
The world seems not to care
For though we travel into space
There’s fighting in the air

We’ll share our wealth to see a fool
Women to fight in mud
Patently stand and watch a pool
Formed by another’s blood

There’s violence, and wars galore
Conflicts where none can win
Religion; even will close its door
To someone else’s skin

When will this foolish practice cease?
When will man’s conflict end
When will the earth solicit peace?
And call each neighbour friend

When will we see, world eyes are blind?
Her ears no longer hear
Perceive at last she’s lost her mind?
And lives in total fear

She needs to see there’s something more
She needs to feel some love
She needs to see what life is for
And search for truth above

She needs to search till God is found
To see she’s not alone
See Satan losing much more ground
And Jesus on His throne

The church of Christ can bring these things
Through prayer on bended knee
Through endless praise till Heaven sings
Till love flows swift and free

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i love this poem its for my LA class thanx Michael P. Johnson! !
the world might be better without war, yeah. then matt wouldnt need to go to iraq. good poem,10!
gr8 poem, world will be better place, when we prefer love over anything...