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Was I Ever So Young?


Was I ever so young?
Did I learn and stumble?
At the age when my life
Was most precious and alive.
Was it so long ago this time?
That the embers of my existence
Are all but diminished.
Time, it cheats and bends
Stealing the days unshared.

Was I ever so young?
Have my paths been humble?
Were they sprinkled with strife?
Did my days dance with jive?
Did my feet move with no rhyme?
Did people make fun of my stance?
Were my words uttered polished?
When the walk of my life ends
Have my steps been impaired?

Was I ever so young?
My mind it did crumble
From the confusion of life.
Did I live to survive?
If I sinned, was it a crime?
My hopes had persistence
Some of them foolish.
But I care not my friends
For your laughter, I garnered.

Was I ever so young?
Did I joke, laugh and rumble?
My speech, sharp as a knife?
Was my time fruitful like a hive?
Were my days so sublime?
In my end I offer no resistance
To that my time is finished.
For till the last of my bookends
My fun memories of you ensnared.

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