(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Was Imprisoned [rev]

What a pity, I need to be more aggressive & self-
aggrandising like the smug people floating about,
surfing on powerful egos growing daily, while my
transparent little crystal glass ego is vulnerable &
I don't want it to be heat-compressed into a hard
diamond in the kiln of life, this glass being fragile

Needing love & care to survive has mesmerised
me since my youth, I'm held within its bewitching
spell; rainbow-hued crystals hanging in spiralling
cascades from the roof simulate water splashing
in silver curtains of a waterfall - it also is a most
enchanting thing, and then including beauty of

Minor musical chords swirling in purple and blue
to indicate how visible, tactile reality unfolds from
endless energies, intelligent & loving - I'll stick to
my breakable self-image hypnotised by beauty of
glass and water falling endlessly creating prisms
breaking up colour into its sweet constituents

That is love in bright green & the blue sapphire
of communication which opens the heart to free
the LOVE that was imprisoned there…

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