(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Was, Is And Will Be

‘All that was, is and will be unto end of time, is in the
Torah, from first to last word: details of species, each
individual, all that happened from birth to death'

The old Hebrew version of the Old Testament is a
crossword puzzle computer program, a Bible code;
skip fifty letters in sequences to find the term Torah
at the beginning of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers
and Deuteronomy

The universe a cryptogram set by the Almighty;
the Bible a time-lock opened by computer, code-
breakers found the names, dates and cities of 66
wise men encoded together in a network criss-
crossing Bible text

No spaces between words - 304 805 letters - in a
continuous line: start on first letter, search names,
words and phrases, skip 1,2,3,4 - X letters; start
on second letter, repeat the process and continue
up to last letter

Find key words & related facts encoded together,
matching words in close proximity, length of skips
between search words to be small, interlocking
words reveal related information in Bible text
only, not in millions of test cases

Bible provides infinite information, related words in
cross-word puzzles cross vertically, horizontally and
diagonally; meets quantum physics theory of unlimited
probability and possibility - I shall never fear
boredom again

Armed with this computer program which resembles
notes of music in never-ending configurations - as
unique as snowdrops and fingerprints; no wonder
everything is contained and explained therein -
as to meaning and origin:

Existence manifests as an intelligent, loving energy
which illustrates quantum physics principles and
relativity in a great testament to creation!

[The Bible Code, Michael Drosnin, Weidenfeld &
Nicolson,1997 -
Quotes from pp.19 - 25]

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