MC (22nd August 1990 / )

Was It A Dream? ? ?

The sky was dark on a moonlit night
Across the horizon i see some light
Is it morning or a dream
Is it the angel on its beautiful wings.
As i approach the brightening spec
I come to lie on a beautiful deck.
How wonderful was the scene,
I can’t imagine where i had been,
Was it the heaven or the paradise?
Or was it a dream of the sleepy eyes.
With birds around as white as snow
I can feel my face glow,
Is it due to the shining light?
Or is it the beauty of the moonlit sky.
A stream of river across the path i see
I start wondering where I could be,
Was it the Ganges from the holy mountain?
Or the tears trickling through my eyes.
I see the colourful flowers on the fence
With the breeze they begin to dance,
Was it the flowers that caught my attention?
Or it was my heart flying without any tension.
And then i see a figure approaching
And i feel startled
Was it the embracing God?
Or my mother who just came for my call?

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Comments (3)

A nice poetic imagination, Maheshi. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
very beyond life...paradise...
thats a thin line between reality and dream, nice one.