Was It For Love Of Country

Was it for love of Country or nationalistic pride
That they left their towns in the far countryside
To fight for their governments in wars far away
Aspirational war heroes are born every day

They were young and naive and believed their government's lie
That soldiers who breathe their last in war in history never die
But not many of the war dead are remembered today
And the flesh on their bones has long gone to decay

They are not around to march in the street war parade
And they do not hear the Last Post when for them it isplayed
Far from home they died for their government and Country and flag
But only the living of this left to brag

But it also can be said that death set them free
Of their life's dreams for most that are not meant to be
Of ageing and illness in a nursing home struggling for life's breath
Not many are born to have a painless death

Those who returned home alive from the war far away
Did march behind the band in the street war parade today
Their medals for bravery on their coats lapels on display
They look ageing and sad of them one can say.

by Francis Duggan

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